Merchandising Opportunities

My company is a Canadian merchandising company who is looking for merchandisers in Canada. We do all of the standard merchandising "stuff" including mystery shopping, audits, ordering, display set up etc. Although this forum seems to be populated by mainly people from USA, I thought I would put a shout out there to anybody who might be following from Canada who might be looking for merchandising work. Please check out our website and go to careers under Company info. Not sure if links are permitted but if so here it is [] we also work with a company called field agent, they are like the Uber of merchandising work, you can join their community via their app and pick up one off jobs like mystery shopping or merchandising work via the app. I dont know their link off the top of my head, but they are in Canada and the USA so anybody looking for merchandising opportunities might also want to sign on for that app. We are all hoping to get back to normal here soon so hopefully we can all work again without interruption or concerns for safety. Stay safe all!

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