OTHRSource email

I got the fol email from them today:

“We want to thank you for being a part of our OTHRSource Family. To express my gratitude I want to gift you some product from OTHRStore. Please purchase anything you want from othrstore.com including OTHRSource merchandise for up to $25 including shipping (while supplies last). After doing so, please send me an email including...

1. Your order number
2. The order amount (including shipping)
3. Your Paypal email
4. Why you chose that product.

I will reimburse you completely. We appreciate you and everything you have done at OTHRSource.“

The suspicious part is “while supplies last”. I have not completed any merchandising work for this company and was not aware they had a store.

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I got the same email today.
I'm signed up with OTHRSource but have not done any work for them,as they have nothing in my area.
Have you seen what they are trying to give you? I'll pass. Fish jerky doesn't sound like something I want.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
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