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Does anyone know when Certified Merchandising pay? It has been years since I've done work for them.

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Dang! I came back to this post hoping someone that knows would have answered because I am looking for the answer as well.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
I just got paid via direct deposit on the 7th for all of November work. I'm guessing they are back to monthly payments
I've done some work for the Certified side of MF these past few months. They pay within 45 days of when you submit your work. It may be a few days sooner at times. They pay direct deposit. HTH.
Hi everyone. We regularly have two pay cycles. If you are doing MS, those pay only one time per month and I believe it's somewhere around the 20th. The theatre/audit side of the org (certifiedfieldassociate.com) runs rep payments 2X per month - typically around the 5th an the 20th. Depending on when your visit was completed and what's involved in QC'ing your report may have an impact when your payment is made. We typically tell reps it could take up to six weeks for payment, but love to get it out to you sooner whenever possiblesmiling smiley
I will say, if you can, sign up for direct deposit. I've got reports from reps that are awaiting checks that were mailed out on December 7th. I'm hopeful it's just a bad/slow time of the year for USPS, but...that certainly doesn't help people waiting for their $$$ especially at this time of the year.
I'm one of the, apparently, many people who have had their Marketforce accounts suspended without notice or explanation.

Could I do jobs for Certified Merchandising?
Hi @wrosie - We would need to review your account to determine the reason for the suspension (it may just have been inactivity). You can DM me here with your email address/name or you can email us at cfareferral@marketforce.com and I'll take a look at your account and reply. Thanks for your interest.
May I also DM you about the Mystery Shopping side of MarketForce? For almost two years i have been receiving the dreaded "Login Failed" notice.
It's nice to see someone from MF/Certified on here.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
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