Job Phone App (programs) that work

Looking to get back into merchandising and such. Don't really see to much on the M-Survey app. It's green with the white m. I have done a few store resets with them in the past.

shopping north west PA and south west ny

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They literally give me more work than I can handle - over $1,000 in the past week.

There was a LOT of driving involved, though!
yeah i grabbed one but didnt complete it. its not that great of a system you cant see all the questions at once

shopping north west PA and south west ny
I gave up mystery shopping because of the Merchandiser app. They have so much work (lot's of driving), but I work for other merchandiser companies that sometimes it's in the same stores. Off the app alone, I make a little over $3,000 a month.
Does anyone have a list merchandising companies specifically? While I love mystery shopping, I also love changing it up a little and just doing some assigned tasks each day that I can key in on my phone and keep going without having to come home and do reports
if you are looking for part time hourly gigs then survey merchandiser is good for that they do resets and a huge number of stores. its just setting up stores and planogram management very little uploading. you stil have to take a few pictures though. and its usually not a small project. they want 6-8 hour shifts. usuallly a weekend or a week long projects. but you can ask for different hours if they are desperate enough they may accomadate you sometimes they pay travel

shopping north west PA and south west ny

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@Sharonsalinas67 wrote:

Which other merchandising companies do you work for? I only know the one merchadiser (green app)
If you're asking about phone apps in particular, there's Field Agent, Observa and Gig Walk. You can check those out.
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