Prepaid Card Replinishment

Does anyone here do these and negotiate the fee for them? I have done some in the past but I want to get just a slightly higher fee for them. Also, if there are any other posts re: fee negotiation please point me too them. I'd love more tips on how to go about it.

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In my area I just wait a week after they are first posted and the fee goes up, as no one takes them
@sueac101 wrote:

In my area I just wait a week after they are first posted and the fee goes up, as no one takes them

Unfortunately they do get picked up rather quickly in my area. A lot of shops that I try waiting out disappear. In this case I would happily do them for the fee they start at, but I know some MSC's allow for schedulers to pay a little extra for folks with high ratings on previous shops. Maybe it's not worth it in that case, because I'd rather do it at the current fee than to miss out completely.

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I did prepaid card merchandising for two years for Customer Impact at $10 per location. (They advertised $9 but I negotiated $10.) I had a route of 13 stores that I visited every month or so. These stores were assigned to me and never made it to the job board. The store managers got to know me, and I was welcomed at all locations. Then Covid-19 got bad and scary. In January 2021, I request a $2 fee increase for each store. It was because of the dangers of visiting stores and also to cover gas and mileage since some stores were far away. I was dropped like a hot potato. My route was immediately given to someone else without a word. Now, these locations never appear on the job board. So much for loyalty.
It depends on the MSC and type of shops. I negotiate all my shops. I usually do a large route 30 to 40 shops. You can negotiate a decent fee for that amount of shops. At the end of quarter I can usually get a high bonus on the straggler shops no one wants to do. I have a good relationship with the schedulers and I am very reliable. I am fortunate to live in a 5 state area with a lot of shops and apparently few shoppers.
I'm new at the restocking shops. How fast does it take once you're good at it? And how come they have to be done between 8-5? Why not very early or very late?
The time frames for these shops are odd because I happened to get 2 different shops at the same store and one was anytime the store was open and the other was M-F /8-5 and both shops were from the same
I do these prepaid card shops regularly and can now be in and out in about 20 minutes because I have organized the backstock myself at my usual stores. When i first started the previous person ( if there was one) didn't even have the back stock all in one place and it took about an hour and a half to find everything. I also wait for the scheduler to contact me instead of going to the job board so i get top pay...this only works for the remote areas no one else will travel.
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