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SAS Retail is having a hiring event in my area next week for p/t merchandisers.
Does anyone have any info. on them? Like what the pay is, w-2 or IC.
I checked out their website, but didn't find much on it other then what they do.
The bottom of email lists Advantage sales & Marketing. So is this the same company with a new name.
Years ago I knew people that had worked for Advantage and was told they were a horrible company to work. The people had a lot of horror stories about the company.

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It's been a while since I looked into SAS, and had even signed up with them. If I remember correctly, they are W-2, and work a lot in warehouses, setting up sort of thing. But that was a couple of years ago.
I've work with them for years. Advantage is their parent company. They are W-2. If you want to know more about what people think about a certain company, you can always go to Glassdoor where employees review companies. I've never had an issue at all with either company.

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They are hiring here, too, but the ads aren't clear about what type of retailers or products they service (grocery, electronic, etc.) I think they might do magazines now.

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I went to the interview and I was not impressed. First the interview was suppose to take place at a hotel conference room. Morning of interview I get a phone call telling me interviews are being moved to a starbucks and instead of separate interviews, it would be everyone at one time.Get to the Starbucks a few minutes early, no one in "dining area". So I asked at counter, no one had came in except me. While I am standing by door waiting another lady came in, was there for the same reason, so we sat down at a table,a few minutes later another lady came in. We waited 15 minutes, no one came, so one lady called the number she had and got the voice mail.Finally a clerk came over and told us if we didn't order something we would have to leave. So ordered. We waited for almost 45 minutes and just as we decided the interviewer wasn't coming, and was walking to the door, the interviewer showed up. Said they had gotten postponed at a nearby store working with a merchandiser. We were told they serviced the big box store in the surrounding areas. Doing resets,etc.
Pay was low barely double digit. Interviewer didn't say much else about what the job would entail, until and if we were hired. We all said thanks, but no thanks if we couldn't get more info. then that, we were not interested.
No wonder they can’t hire! How unprofessional. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Former mystery shopper, current merchandiser.
I worked with them in Ohio and was part time doing reset grunt work in a Spartan Nash grocery chain, basicaly a one man show super was good but the job became too much for me as whole sections changed and I was all by myself. It was decent but I wouldnt do it again
If the interviewer was supposed to be there at a certain time and was running that late, he should have called the Starbucks so they could have let you and the other person know. How unprofessional. I wouldn't even consider working for them on that basis alone! What a wasted hour or so for you. They sound like a royal PITA.

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