Seeking Other Product Recall Companies

I left the merchandising game a long time ago, and right now I am looking to expand my base with another kind of job like Merchandising that I do enjoy and seems to pay decently.

Companies like RQA and Sedgewick (Before this was under Stericycle) do product recalls for companies.

If anyone knows other companies that do work like this in Canada, could you either PM me please or leave a link? I am open to either normal T4 employment or IC work.

I apologize to the admins if this in the wrong section, but it seems there really isn’t one for this kind of work, so I figured given the open nature of the work I could post it here.


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I heard that We Go Look had some recalls last year, but I don't know if it is a regular thing.
Do you have a link to Sedgwick’s hiring page? (For independent contract / recall work)
Stilllearning, I am already with RQA...

Mousegal, I don't have the link. It's a long story, but here is the short version.

I was with RQA back in 2009, they got bought out by Stericycle. Eventually RQA would relaunch. Stericycle in the last year or two got bought out by Sedgewick.

I am looking for more companies that do this in Canada, since I enjoy being paid by the KM and the Hour. Despite the "hot" economy, it seems despite all my years of experience everyone low balls me/doesn't want to hire me.
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