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I tried searching on here and couldn't find anything. Has anyone had any experience with this company?

I'm at a loss as to why my manager is so avoidant. I wasn't told I had a training call til an hour beforehand. She told me she'd call me Saturday and didn't. She told me the schedule would update today and it hasn't. She said the system crashed but I've given it 2 hours and still nothing.

This is getting really frustrating!

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I've worked for them for a long time. I understand what you are going through. Once you finally get going and can do everything on your own through the app, you will be fine. I would suggest if anyone says they will call you, call them if they don't call you. They get so busy, they forget things. I know my manager has to do field work as well as manage because people don't show up, quit, etc. Once you get through this, you will be okay. You need the manager to go further, so I would suggest helping her help you.

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I understand. It's according to how bad you want the job. It will be easy-peasy once you get past this part. I know it is frustrating.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
Yes, that is short notice for a training call. I've been working for Driveline for over 5 years and from talking with other Driveline employees over that time, I have figured out that I am one of the lucky ones who has a very responsive and diligent DM. She always answers my emails, texts, and calls right away and if she is busy, she gets back to me no later than one day. I have heard nightmare stories about other district managers never answering their workers or communicating with them. Hopefully you have a good DM and they are just really busy right now and things smooth out.
What type of shops are these that you put up with such non-communicative schedulers?
Is the pay that good?
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