Snapple recall

Took 10 of these for the weekend and glad it is all I took. Harder than I wanted them to be. Some stores anyway. I imagine supermarkets would be a nightmare so I didn't take any of those.

I stuck with the drug stores and one beer distributor place. They had ALOT of Snapple but the guy was so nice and helped me look because they had skids of them. Was the only place so far that I found any to purchase.

Struggling to get these done today. Only a 72 hour window on these to complete. Halfway done!!

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@Td5678 wrote:

I took 3 supermarkets, no affected product found. Did you find a lot to purchase?

There were 6 12 packs that i had to purchase and he told me those were just delivered last week. I also leave a list with them and tell them to check with their snapple reps when they get a delivery.

Did you find the supermarkets had alot of backstock or was it all on the shelves?
Has anyone heard any info yet on what the destruction procedure will be? If we are taking the hourly pay how do we account for the time to dispose of the product?
I have about 12 cases in my car waiting for destruction. No word on how to do that yet.

Thats a grest question, i would say yes, it is part of tbe job
I just received a certificate of destruction in the app. You have to follow the directions and put in the store address where you got the product and scan the UPC code again. I haven't done it yet because I am at work so still not sure what needs to be done.
@ShopperGirly wrote:

Is this the same MSC as the One Chip recalls?

Thanks so much,

YES. Was released on Friday in my area.
Does this company ever increase their fees? I did the flat fee per store but after having to deal with dumping of 12 cases of snapple, I feel a little underpaid. I don't think changing to an hourly rate will get me any more money either. There are so many stores still in my area to be done but dumping the product is an issue, can't dump it in my sink, I have a cesspool so that is a no no. I had to find a drain in a parking lot to dump them in which was super fun.
@Datagirl wrote:

I had to find a drain in a parking lot to dump them in which was super fun.

I can just imagine sitting in the parking lot with a big pile of empty bottles when security comes by and wonders what is happening.

I have only done 4 locations so far and have not found any that needed to be purchased. A local grocery store was the quickest because they only sell it by the case. The DGs with all the loose bottles on the shelf and in the cooler take quite a while.
@bradkcrew wrote:

Is this regional? I have not had anything show up for my area.

It was a recall from a specific production line so it makes sense that it would have been distributed in a particular region. This recall doesn't seem to be in my area.
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