Feature: "Are you registered with (insert MSP name) Yes, I am. No, I am not.

There is an interesting button/feature that presents itself when you select an MSP from the forum's Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies. In the header of the list of discussions there is a bar that asks if you are registered with that company and links for the answers "yes" and "no."

I haven't clicked on this before. My question is what is it for? Is there any benefit?

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Interesting question. I've never clicked that because I've never seen a benefit to me. Has anybody identified a benefit to this?
I think this might be the original thread, in which Jacob introduced the feature:

I finally clicked on it for MF and this is the response I received:
"Companies I am registered with:
You and 1116 forum members are registered with Market Force. (x) "


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I'm not inclined to reveal this info. It's problematic, and is in violation of most contracts. Revealing under a forum pseudonym isn't a loophole I care to explore.
It violates the contract, to say out loud and in public, that you've signed up with them? Does it really? Weird.

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