Feedback for New Forum Design


I'm hard at work on the new design for Mystery Shop Forum.

The major change for this design is that it should work much better on mobile phones. There are many other new features and changes as well.

You can preview the new design here:


Please give me your feedback in this thread.

Post your bug reports, feature suggestions, complaints, etc.

Thank you!

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When I try to sign in, it brings me back to this site. Other than that, I like how the pages seem to load faster there and it looks more stream-lined.

I am an old dog so learning new tricks is hard for me. But I will learn. Not bad just prefer what I am used to. Perhaps a dual option of how you wish to view the site. One for mobile and one for regular computer people.

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I find the blue text hard to read and I'm sure it will be even harder on a phone. I'd prefer black.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
@webbed124, @MDavisnowell --

can you give me more details about the blue text? Which text specifically do you mean?

Thank you!
I like it and it looks good on my phone. I'll check tonight on how looks on the computer tonight
Can you add Spell Check? That would help me! Otherwise, I like it and it is easy to navigate. Like Buffalo NY 101, I use my computer with BIG screen. My Android has a big screen, but not big enough to use for shops. Only had it for about 1 1/2 years and still can't use it like a pro. But, it takes pictures and has a great audio record program.
I really like it. It looks better organized. My only concern is the font color, it should be black. It will be so much easier to read. smiling smiley)
Jacob - starting with Recent Discussions and below that, I'd much rather see black text. The blue is hard to see. I can see the larger blue section titles well enough but black would be even better. I don't think I would be able to make out the smaller blue text on a cell phone.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
The format looks good. The menu is helpful. I like the color choices. I loaded each item on the menus on both my iPhone and iPad and had no problems. Nice job.

I like the new design, especially the "new member" signification. Perhaps it was there before, but I never noticed.
I would rather use an alias than my e-mail address. Logging in on the old site I can remain anonymous

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There is much more white space than on the current design. Flip between two tabs and see the amount of posts visible on the same screen and you will see what I mean. For a smaller screen, white space means even more scrolling.

Can you bring the same bold font from the forum headers page from the old site style to the new style?
It's much easier to read even on my 21 inch monitor.

The new style does not format the posts to fill the screen and arbitrarily decides that the width of my screen is that of a tablet. The page should dynamically adjust to fill any screen size as the HTML5 standard makes it very easy to reformat text on every page draw.


Can you simply allow a user setting to choose what forum theme to use? Some forum software will even look at the operating system string and automatically choose the full theme or a cut down theme for phones and tablets.

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It looks good, but I also prefer black, especially on my Iphone. On my PC. it's fine.
I like the option of going to another page and not having to scroll down to get to page 5 of the current answers. I think it looks very crisp and clean - great job.
Thank you everyone for the feedback so far!

I made some of the blue fonts much darker. Does this help for readability?

@scanman1 -- you'll notice that on smaller screens, that white space disappears, and the message covers the entire width of the screen. Try shrinking the width of your browser window. You'll see it change as it grows/shrinks.

I also just tweaked it a little so that where that white space is now shows useful information on occasion. (For example, links to related discussions.) It is also where the ads show, but they don't seem to be visible to you.

Keep the feedback coming!

Thank you everyone!
I agree with scanman. Functionally, it's nice but the format leaves me with a few miles of blank space to the right of the text. It disappears when I turn my phone sideways, though. Oh, and my pinchy little friend in the signature line looks all mangled :,-(

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@pinchers81 -- what phone are you using? It is supposed to be the width of the screen. I may need to do some bug fixing.
I am viewing both the old and the new design on the computer since I don't use a smartphone. Other than a larger font and more white space, it looks like the old site. Unfortunately the space on the individual posts are not white but filled with advertising.
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