Feedback for New Forum Design Part II

@MDavisnowell wrote:

I'm trying to paste from Word and I think that's the problem. I'll try cleaning up the post per Scanman's post and see what happens.

Funny, I just remembered encountering that "Phorum" message when I tried to start a thread by pasting from Word. When I posted the topic directly on the Forum, it went through without a problem.

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@risinghorizon -- the error with pasting from Word should now be fixed. Please let me know if you encounter it again!
I had issues when I tried to paste from word with special formatting, such as bullet points:
• Bullet Item #1
• Bullet Item #2

Glad to see it’s resolved now!

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Thanks, Jacob. I just did it and my recent post went through. I was citing my experience when I started a thread a month ago. I really appreciate the improvements you made in this Forum which we all like so very much.
Is there a separate login for the Mystery Forum Meta? Or is it already up and running and this is it?
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