Idea for New Forum Section

Just a thought, based on the popularity of the thread "Where are you shopping today?"

Why not have a new forum section devoted to that subject? Would you use it? How would you envision it? What would you call it?

I think, if I were to do this, I'd do a 30 day trial -- if it got enough use, it would stay, otherwise I'd fold it back into Mystery Shopping Discussion.

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I think that if you add the other similar threads in the new section, it would be great. Just for Fun might be a good name for the section.

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I would use it but not too often. I would post what other shops I actually would be doing with that particular shop.
I think the "Where are you Shopping today" thread is so popular because most of us have something new to post to it everyday. I like that thread, but I don't know if we really need a new section for it. I like getting a sense of how many shops a day people are doing, and what kind of shops are out there. I usually just read the new posts, I don't have a need to go back in the history too much, but if other people like to review the history, maybe a new thread every month would keep it from getting too long.

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A new thread every month is a good idea. I don't see any reason for a special section, not that I'm against it if others want it.

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I rarely post to it in MS Discussion. Unless there are ideas to revamp it, I would not post to it more often.
While a fun thread, what is so vital for it to deserve a special section? Meanwhile, we don't have a section for video shopping despite it being a unique segment of the industry with issues and problems outside the mainstream.

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