Idea for a new section: Shopper meet-ups

I've seen a few posts recently from shoppers looking for dining companions, and have occasionally connected with other shoppers from the forum for coffee or drinks when they were in my area, so I was thinking that perhaps there could be an area added to the forum for shopper meet-ups.

I think it would probably require a new section of the forum to be created, since having to weed through all requests in one thread may be tedious, but if there were different threads for L.A., Miami,NYC, etc. it would make it easier to connect with other shoppers in your particular area.

I know there are tons of social media options for getting people together already, but in my experience, if you are looking for a guest on an assignment, another shopper makes a very well behaved guest.

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I was thinking yesterday how it would be nice to have someone local that I can talk to. Someone who gets my excitement of finding a really cool shop or can commiserate​ with me when I screw up royally.

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Late to the party, as usual. But I think this is a great idea! Would love to have someone I could bring along on a dining shop, and vice versa. Also, just meeting other shoppers would be fun. Only another shopper can understand the trials, tribulations, and funny things that we encounter.

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I agree. I haven't really looked in the meta section since I wasn't sure what it was, but I saw it referenced elsewhere. I have thought about asking if any shoppers in my area would like to meet up, but I didn't see any other posts as such. I'd love to have an in person chat with someone who's done it longer than me!
Late to reply on this one too, but I agree. I would love to find a shopper in my area. I have to skip so many shops that I need a companion for. I am new to my area and don't know anyone. I only have my husband who doesn't do too well on shops.
I agree also. I've been lucky enough to chat with one shopper in person but I know there's others out there.

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