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Title line of 'State(s), shop type, fee' would probably be more than adequate and then put in the text of the post any age, gender restrictions or other restrictions, time frame. Cities by state. Contact information of scheduler, website link to register or apply for the job.

I don't know if there is any way to restrict posts to companies on our "Official List" or whether we even want to.
Only one exclamation point allowed.

After that, they cost $5 each winking smiley

Shopper in California's Bay Area

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I note that it doesn't matter to me whether the state is the first item or not. When I visit the job board I use the 'edit' function from my tool bar and 'find' 'FL'. That drops me to the first shop where my state is listed and I can quickly scan for $$ and type to decide whether to open or not. I am not at all motivated by 'fun' 'quick' 'easy' 'desperate' 'urgent' etc. If the shop does not look interesting enough from the title it is time to 'find' the next 'FL' reference.

I do understand that some schedulers are reluctant to post prices because they may need to pay more or less in other areas. '$15 with some locations bonused' could probably work for many of us even if when we go to the job board we only see small bonuses on a few hard to fill locations in our area. I personally find it annoying to see 'BONUSED cell shops!' only to find out they started at $7 and are now $8.
I do not use edit or find. The title needs to speak to me.

Easy, fun, hero citation. . . I don't think we can realistically coax or train schedulers from such terminologies. We just have to separate the wheat from the chaff, at a glance. Takes a bit of time, til we get their numbers, and then ignore.
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