A longtime forum member returned to the forum today: ransfordsylv. He has been a member since March 30, 2013. Counting the 13 posts he made today, all containing spam of one form or another, he now has a total of 40 posts. All the posts made between 3/30/13 and today were deleted, so I am guessing that they also contained spam. Multiple spam posts - 13 in less than an hour - are annoying, and I'm sure the posts will all be deleted by our moderator. How many spam posts does it take to get a user deactivated? After 40 posts, all spam, I think it's clear that randsfordsylv will not be making a significant contribution to the forum. Can we vote him off the island?

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Unlike trolls on a mission, deleting the account may discourage him from returning. So my vote is yea.

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