What is an appropriate post?

@SteveSoCal wrote:

With the understanding that "4 year old children" refers to the juvenile mentality of many posters, BG's comment rings true....and I would argue that making a statement about something that detracts from the quality of the forum IS an attempt to make this forum better, and therefore a positive contribution.

Telling someone to go away because you don't care for their opinion is part of the juvenile mentality.

This is not about a difference of opinions, it is about name calling and nothing to do with shopping, why would anyone want to listen to verbal abuse. I personally avoided toggling, even when I was called an "Old dog"
and rumors were spread to my having Dementia, certainly not having a clue as what that means in reality.
Where were the beloved Moderators....toggling has erased that for me. I have found Moderators favor some while keeping others nasty posts visible. Mary, a member wrote a long post defending me and giving Sybil2 what she deserved by writing those things, her post was immediately erased...you'll notice she hasn't returned, why was her post erased and Sybils nastiness visible. Accountability from the Moderators or whoever erased it is needed, treat all members equally, and we'll be fine. Toggling is a good thing, removing oneself from the childish behavior is a mature thing to do Many posters that don't come on often won't have a clue, but most will know what I'm talking about, and those I thank for their PM's.....95% of you are the best.

Live consciously....

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