Toggle Tutorial

In case anyone has forgotten or is unaware how to toggle.

Click on the username.
At the bottom of the drop down click "Toggle User Visibility."

If you ever want to change just repeat the process. There will be a message stating the post is hidden while in toggle mode. You can choose to read a single message without changing the status permanently.

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The only problem is that it doesn't always completely block the forum member you toggle. If the forum member starts threads, you still see the threads. And if someone quotes the toggled forum member, you still have to read what they posted that is quoted.
can u report someone to mod if u have them toggled? i toggled food blogger but other peeople quote so i want to report quote from food blogger.
If you have someone toggled, you will not see their post so there would be no reason for you to report their post. If you see the toggled person's post quoted in someone else's post and you decide you want to report them, just un-toggle them, report them, and toggle them again.
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