J. Price with International Service Check - Job Forum rant

Are there any rules for posting on the job forum of this site? J. Price with International Service has posted several pages of job postings for each individual city. It's pretty aggravating when I'm trying to search for jobs and this person has pages of listings. Why doesn't he/she just list the locations in one or two postings rather than taking over the page?

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I get it, yikes. Why don't you email and gently ask her about it? She may not realize what a horrible inconvenience it is to shoppers. Maybe suggest that she break down the postings into geographical regions instead of each city. That would save her time too, so not sure why she did it the way she did. And btw, I don't know her, but when I looked through my address book her email address was autosaved so apparently she has sent me emails about jobs in the past decade or so.
I don't like the email idea because DareWright would have to use her personal email address and perhaps out herself to the MSC. A better idea might be reporting it to the moderators, because perhaps they can combine some threads and/or communicate with J. Price. OR, Dare might send a gentle PM to J. Price to let her know what a horrible inconvenience it is to shoppers.
I see. Personally I would not have any reservations about sending an email using my real email address and maintaining a polite and friendly tone, but that's me. The PM is a very good idea, and reporting it...well who knows. I report stuff occasionally that should be addressed and nothing happens. I suppose it depends on the moderator of the day. LOL, MOD.
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