I am searching for the secret shop company that does secret shops for Wendys. Burger King and Taco Bell. I currently only get McDonalds, Pizza, and occasionaly Subway for food shops.

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i found GAP busters does ***.
get the book mystery shopping made easy by Dr. Ilisha ( ?) newhouse. Its got everything in it.

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marketing systems unlimited does ***, ***, ***, ***, and *** they have routes as well as local shops.

Can you share how to work for mcdonalds?

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its against the contract you sign with most companies when you register with them to reveal who their customers are...

In the mystery shopping world, its a big no-no.

If you want to do fast food shops, I would recommend registering for the company jimmysdevoted suggested. As well as the one donnaz recommended.
Well I can tell you this Gapbuster doesn't do the companies I inquired about. Gapbuster does ***, *** and ***. They do these all over the US and other countries. They may shop other places as well but not where I live.

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As Jacob says I can't tell you who does what, but if you want fast food, try Speedmark, Shopnchek, and Sinclair.
Valerie is right Speedmark and Shopnchek are great. Corporate Research is another good one as well.
There are several other companies that also do fast food shops. One is Franchise Compliance and another one is SQM. iClaudia
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