Mintel - can't figure out where to report

I just completed my first shop for Mintel, and I can't figure out where to fill out the report. Their FAQ says to click on "View Preview. When you have completed the assignment and are ready to fill in its details, click another part of the line." Huh? I have no idea what "another part of the line" is talking about and I am completely lost. Can someone point me to the right spot so I can get this in and get to bed. I'm SO tired!

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Okay, nevermind, I just figured it out. Talk about weird. I don't even know how I got to it either. Oh, well, I'm sending it and am off to bed!
There is a list of mystery shopping companies on this site. Go there and you will find a link.

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[] very first link

bayoumom67 Wrote:
> I got to the site but I can't figure out how o
> apply. Can you help me?
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