Cancelled shop removes you as shopper, hugh ???

Does this sentence (direct from one of the big MSC's) make sense to anyone?
"I understand that I am to report this shop online in order to be paid for this assignment, and if the shop is cancelled after being completed I may be removed as a Shopper."
I interpret as saying that if you do the shop, then it is cancelled, they will remove you as a shopper. Who would take a shop like that?

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Yes, maybe by Peggy winking smiley Anytime my husband or I make a call to customer service, which is answered by a very-hard-to-understand person, we're reminded of Discover Card's commercial.
It is amazing how 'Peggy' is becoming part of the culture just as years ago 'Where's the beef?' became a part.

My best guess is that what they mean is that if you didn't do the shop on Saturday (forgot, didn't get a 'round tuit', etc.) and decide to just cancel on Sunday rather than fool with rescheduling, they will terminate you. But who knows? Maybe if you do and report the shop on Saturday as scheduled and they decide they goofed and shouldn't have posted the shop so cancel it on Sunday themselves they will give you the boot.
i just accept it as written if you cancel a shop you are liable for getting the boot... regardless... especially reading some of the stories on here...

seems some boot you if their morning coffee only has 2 sugars in it...

shopping north west PA and south west ny
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