Has anyone done a plasma shop for intellishop? I cant find the conference call phone number.

Has anyone done a plasma shop for intellishop? I cant find the conference call phone number. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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Have you written to your scheduler? Check old emails from them and see if there's any other schedulers from there that you can write to as well.
I hadn't heard of [deleted] Plasma until I read this thread. I thought it was some kind of plasma TV. Nooot so. After reading the reviews of one center, I'll pass.


I used to do them for a different company.
Actually kept going for a few months...you get paid by the plasma company for each visit (besides the MS job money), and just as in donating blood, you get your blood pressure, pulse and hematocrit taken each time, so that's a bonus. Every couple of months you have to have a fuller medical evaluation, so again, a bonus health check. Towards the end I was picked for a Rabies Immune Globulin special group, so I actually got some pretty expensive vaccinations on the Plasma company's dime. But after a while my veins didn't appreciate being poked so often in the same spots, so I ended that.
Wow, I would *love* to do a shop like this. Are they offered in CA? I haven't even found a plasma donation center in my region, despite looking when I was super short on cash. Any pointers where to look? I have not seen this on the intellishop boards.

Shopping Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, and surrounding cities.
Sorry I'm not going to waste that much time doing all the training then go observe a donation site and watch people give plasma all day then wait 3 months for my payment. They got several of those shops around here that they have been begging people with 10x hero citations to no avail.

Triple Platinum Certified - Shopping South Central Kansas
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