How do I get started? Do I have to pay?

Did you have to pay to get started? If so how much?

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I would like to ( Mystery Shop ) for you, It can be Sub-Way, Target, WaL- Mart,
Sam Club, Office Max, AJ Wright, I live close to all these stores!!!! I'm 56 yr.s old & I'm also live close to Walgreens, CVS, Fair play, Jewel, Domicks, Save-a-Lots, So please let me work foryou!!!!!
08-01-06 Mon. 10:12am
Paul M. Fields
Hey you don't need to pay to shop! In fact -- you never should(although there is one controversial exception to that rule, which is shadowshopper.)

The way to get started is to simply apply to mystery shopping companies...

You can apply to most companies directly on their website.

You can start by applying to some of the companies in this thread:


I would like to know information of how i would get started on this if you could please e-mail me at, I would really appriciate it.

Rosa Juarez
Thank you for the information. I'd like to do more mystery shopping in the Rome/Camden area of New York State. I already do P&C stores and Burger King.
Ruth Collins
Thank you for the information, I was at a Dunkin Doughnuts
in Braintree, to pick up someone coming from the airport,
and saw a sign on the counter, that said an award from
mystery shopper, as a great place to get a cup of coffee.
This was in Boston, Mass. I thought it was mostly clothes
shopping and service.
Hello I am brand new mystery shopper today I just joined. Can you help me get started ? I am not sure how you do things on this site so if you could kindly guide me I would really appreicate it very much. Thanks Carolyn

Carolyn A Polega
You need to read all the subjects in this forum, there is a world of info here. Also at or Jacobs newsletter. It is well worth the read. It has gotten me to where I am today, which is optional 5 or 10 shops a week.
Hello, i am from montreal quebec canada, is there anyone out there from montreal that mystery shops,and could help me out .I am new at this and am having a hard time getting started. i would love to here from you. thank you.
I know Service Intelligence is a Canadian company. I went on their website and found about 28 shops in Montreal (aug. 18). I hope that helps. Their website for shoppers is
You have to be a self starter and self motivated. If you signed up here you should be getting the emails from Jacob. As mentioned before, there is a wealth of info PLUS 250 companies to register with as well as more SASSIE SHOPS. I just started and I have now registered with over 50 companies. I just sit down and take a few at a time. Its pretty easy. Good Luck!
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