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Has anyone done these? I've done several, and always landed a 10/10. I was looking at my invoices, and noticed that they were not reimbursing me the amount promised. I did not go over this limit, and am still shorted 2-3 dollars. Has this happened to anyone? I sent an email to my scheduler and asked why. How odd.

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Good catch. Hopefully they respond and send you a check asap. ;-)

Have you been shorted on everyone you have completed?
Surprised the post office still has a mystery shopping program going on with all the cutbacks it is going through. A local processing center is one of the 250 being closed in 2012. I admit miss doing these jobs, but I can't sign up for 100 companies hoping to get lucky again. Or can I? LOL smiling smiley
Back to basics... this is a business and the first rule of business; consider losses of 5% as normal business. Sucks but that's the way it is. My suggestion to all newbies:

1, This is a business regardless of how small, set it up, run it and maintain as a business!
2. Do your due-diligence before accepting any shop! Check out the company and know how to collect monies owed to you before you begin. By the way, be sure to check with the IRS as several people I know have been told lately losses must exceed a certain amount before you can deduct them!
3. Good accounting and time control will help you maintain you A/R.

Remember each day to "help someone, laugh and learn something new!"
I do these shops for Jeff of ----. He has always been above board, will give you extensions if needed and is all around what a scheduler should be. If you were shorted by his company, email him and you will get the money with no trouble. Doclloyd
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