Buffalo Wild Wings

Does anyone know which company shops Buffalo Wild Wings now? If so, could you please send me a private message and tell me? I no longer see them with the company I used to shop them for, so I assume they have changed.

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Unfortunately anyone who shared that information with you privately or publicly would be breaking their ICA. I will tell you that locally here they are shopped by two different companies. One does the bar and one does the dining room. Both companies still have their shops so obviously there is/was a third company doing them as well. Gives me visions of walking into a crowded restaurant and at each table there is a shopper sneakily trying to check their watch.
jhquarles Wrote:
> Does anyone know which company shops Buffalo Wild
> Wings now? If so, could you please send me a
> private message and tell me? I no longer see them
> with the company I used to shop them for, so I
> assume they have changed.



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I just did one bar and one dining room at BWW- both for the same MSC.

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Thanks for the messages. I still haven't found the ones in my area, but I will keep checking.
Just did my first BWW. ;-)

Scarier than molasses. Everybodies PC decided to go on hiatus. But thanks to the library, all is done.
I don't like the MSCs website, though. No save button to be found. That meant a couple time cybering the same into until I could get it under 45 mintues. No matter how many times, I cut and pasted.
I suggest you go to the Mystery Shopper's Forum page listed at the bottom of each thread. You could simply scan through it or you could enter a search looking for Buffalo Wild Wings or some other suitable search phrase. Hope this helps.
I did one where I got to award a certificate for a $100 Amex gift card to the server if they did all the things they were supposed to. She did, and after revealing myself to the manager, we both went to find the server. She thought she was in trouble for something at first, but when she understaood what I was doing, she threw her arms around me and kissed my cheek.

Although I wasn't allowed to order enough food to call it lunch, it was kinda fun to reward someone and get to see their response, instead of looking for reasons to criticize!
A couple of years ago, I did a Burger King reveal: go through the drive-thru and then reveal. If the employee did right, everyone currently there gets a $25 Mastercard Gift Card. She did. When I walked in and went to the counter, she visibly paled and her eyes got huge. I asked the counter person for the manager. The counter person called him and then both girls huddled together watching me and looked like they would cry. I wanted to tell them it was OK but couldn't. When the manager came, he was a trainee manager and seemed terrified. He and I went to a table in the dining area. When I showed him the paperwork and he understood, he got pretty happy. The manager training him came back (not sure where he was) while the trainee-manager and I were talking and the girls sent him over and he was happy, too. He went over and told the girls while the trainee and I filled out the paperwork. Both girls did cry then and came out from the counter and thanked me, crying with happy.

Good experience but I haven't ever wanted to do another because you have to sit at home and wait for FedEx to deliver the certificates (signature required) and then do the shop. I think it paid $6. You did also get lunch, which was colder than cold by the time I finished. But it certainly made the employees of Burger King happy that day.
AustinMom, I haven't seen those in around two years. Not sure if they still do them in my area.
I just received my PP payment from them. The shop I did 2 weeks ago. Good payment schedule. I want to do more shops for this MSC., with payment like that. I'll do all there shopping.

I see where they have bonused there end of the month shopping. BWW here I come again. :-) :-)
Question. I get scads of email correspondence from schedulers asking me to refer people to their companies as mystery shoppers. So if I post a call for referrals here, how am I in violation of my Shopper Agreement, which is the name of the document by the MS which has BBW shops in my area.

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Here is my take on referrals--for what it is worth . . .

1) Schedulers always want you to send them more bodies but most shoppers who are serious or semi-serious have already registered with the company so what is the point?
2) I don't know you from Adam (or Eve as the case may be) and I would be unwilling to have you use me as your referral for a job because if you screw up or flake it will reflect on me. I have tried to get together shoppers and companies in the past where over time I had gotten to know the shopper and the company and have thought they would be a good fit, but I have never done it for a referral fee. Rather if it works out, the company will be pleased with me and so will the shopper, which brings more opportunities to me rather than a measly $5 or whatever the referral fee is these days.
3) Generally if a scheduler or company wants a reliable shopper in Peoria or wherever, they have communicated with me personally to see if I know someone because of their needs. These random "Refer someone and get $X" I personally find noxious.

Specifically with BWW, it is shopped by a number of different companies. There are some of the shops that are completely not worthwhile, there are some that are okay. Certainly soliciting shoppers in a thread about BWW for any of the companies that perform the shops would be an ICA agreement violation as well as a violation of the rules of this forum.
I agree with Flash. You cannot recruit shoppers here due to forum rules and because a bad referral may come back to bite you.
You can privately refer family and friends to companies and you don't have to reveal the clients them.

You can refer people on this board saying that you like the company and can recommend that company without revealing the client.
Personally I don't do referrals because I simply do not need the competition. I have one friend I've gained through MSing and she and I are both into different types of shops so we will from time to time, shoot an email that one of receives that we think the other might be interested in. Or if there are shops we both like we try to stay in our own areas. She lives 20 miles from me which makes it easier.
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