Help! CORI rejects shop for cashiers false "take out" mistake

I don't see a way to rectify this but I didnt falsify my report. Cori just won't take my receipt and offers no obvious alternatives or direct contact. How do you deal with this?

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Talk with them. I show a phone number of 419-422-3196 though there may be a better one on their website.

In general anything like a receipt that is incorrect in any way I will specifically mention in the report as well as why it is incorrect. If nothing else, in your conversation with them find out how they want you to handle an erroneous receipt because that certainly is not a shopper error and needs to reflect on the location, not the shopper.
I just got a clarification email from them about this very thing. They request you to state the error on your overall comments. #8 on the list. If you haven't gotten the update I can send it to you.

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I see. THANKS! I contacted them through the website and they followed up twice to clarify. Although they didn't send me those intructions to include this in overall comments I'll do that next time.
I will find a way to address things like incorrect receipt or the name on the business card doesn't match who was shopped in the comments. If that isn't possible I will use any scheduler or help line resources I have.
I just experienced the same thing. I swear I mentioned it in my report but received a rejection email this morning. Chat support indicated it should be ok, they are receiving a lot of these issues.

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