Selecting Dates for CORI Shops

I selected a CORI shop and went to the shopping cart to choose my date. The February calendar has 3 days in blue and the rest of the month in green. I see I can only choose a day within the 3 blue dates. Is there a way I can choose a date in a green box?

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No, the green days are days that the shop could take place during the month, but you are only allowed to self-schedule within 3 days.
I know, it sucks......and the six hours to get the report in is difficult....

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You actually enter the report in 6 hours?

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I know I just do mine at the end of the day and I am sure it is often over 6 hours by the time I have done my shops and gotten home. They have never said boo to me about when I get my report is the same day though.


LisaSTL Wrote:
> You actually enter the report in 6 hours?
LisaSTL Wrote:
> You actually enter the report in 6 hours?

forget about doing a route of 10 shops that day.
i was actually able to apply, get, and do a shop all in one day.. seems they changed that recently...

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I've done bunches of CORI shops. Don't be intimidated by them saying the report needs to be in by 6 -8 hrs. If it's not in by midnight of the day of the shop, they'll send you a reminder that it needs to be in by noon the next day or it will be cancelled. But even then, if you have a problem getting it in by noon, just call them & let them know & they'll be O.K. with that. I had a problem once with my computer once and they made an exception for the due date / time.
yes i do my best to get it in on time... but they have always granted me time if i communicated with them first about the issue...

shopping north west PA and south west ny
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