bad post office money order

The new scan is a postal office money order and it is bad. The fools had it expressed by the post office so I opened it, found the bogus check, make a copy of the emails, called the ckeck verification number and they told me to take it to the post office which I did. They asked me some questions there and I turned in everything. Once anyone tries to cash anything from them they are involved in fraud. I also got the information on the car that put the envelope in mail box. Federal fraud is not a good thing.
The whole thing sounded like a scam so I played along until I got hard evidence. Too bad they used the US MAIL!!!

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This happens often. I usually take these to the Post Office, the Sheriff's office, or shred them.
Someone mentioned a year or so ago receiving a postal money order that was genuinely issued for a small amount and then tampered with for a large amount. It was quickly picked up by the post office on inquiry.
They don't quit do they?

Deelish you actually seen someone put an envelope in your mailbox? That is Federal.

One day I would like to present when they catch someone doing this. I received my 5th scammer check today, one envelope had three checks in there.
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