Anyone work for “Harland Clarke” before?

I just received an email from "Harland Clarke" with a lot of $50 shops in my area for what sounds like bank shops. Part of their ad states:

“Most consist of shopping the facility, teller, and a higher level representative and a few are one rep shops. We use question and answer forms with approximately 17 questions per part and require a detailed written narrative that gives us the story of your encounter as well as describes the facility and illustrates the answers marked on the forms.”

Yet since I have worked bank shops for other mscs before, I do not do any that require any out of pocket expenses . . . even if the expenses will be reimbursed, yet those shops I have seen tend to pay $45 (since you have to open an account at the bank, with a minimum of $100, then you can close the account later).

Yet I was just curios for those of you that have done financial / banks shops for this company before, do you have to pay any out of pocket expenses (even if you are reimbursed)? How long does it take to do “their” report. All of the banks shops I have worked thus far, never required any out of pocket money, usually I have to spend about 10 to 15 minutes in the bank, and it usually takes about 45 to 60 minutes to write the report and those shops usually pay $10 to $15. Yet since this shop is paying $50, I wonder how involved is the shop, before considering signing-up for some of their financial / bank shops.


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Good people to work for. No out of pocket expenses on the regular Teller and Banker evals. THey do have a few open new account jobs. Timings, expenses and reports are about the same as you are used to...smiling smiley

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
Absolutely one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of shopping for. They do things a bit different, all instructions come through email and you will submit your report through email as well. The schedulers are so nice and helpful. They will walk you through step by step. Don't hesitate to ask questions. The shops are not hard, but you must be alert. This company is interested in the details. I highly recommend them.
A copy of a "Sample shop" is available at [] to show the client what they do for them. Pages 28-33 of the pdf shows you what your report will look like and the degree of narrative required. I usually give them more narrative than they show on the sample. They are a joy to work with.

Some of their reports are now done on line, but mostly they will send you the forms via email. For most shops they have a converted version into a Word doc format. It is a quick and dirty conversion from pdf so the spacing is sometimes weird.

One comment. When you get your packet of materials by email it will include an invoice. Make sure you fill it out and submit it with your shop if you are submitting by email. The schedulers are responsible for processing invoices on over to accounting for payment and sometimes stuff gets lost in the weeds. Usually you are paid in about two weeks and if you have not seen payment within a month, contact your scheduler as the invoice probably got mislaid. I find it best to inquire using a forward of the email that contained the shop(s) and the invoice. I feel sure the oversight is not deliberate but just a pure and simple oversight.

Out of pocket, yes I have needed to open accounts. Some I kept open to do future shops using inquiries other than new accounts--eg. loans of various sorts, credit cards, savings accounts, CDs etc.
I haven't actually completed any shops for them yet but I am registered with them and waiting for them to call/email me with a local credit union shop. It's good to hear that you actually liked working with them.
@WestCoastWilson -

I *just* completed 4 shops (both teller & banker) last month. My first for Harland Clarke.

I LOVED working with the scheduler! I was very nervous because these were the first jobs I had done for them. I also ended up going to the bank and it was a day they were having a car sale - so I did not get to visit with a banker (over a 3 hour wait). The scheduler was amazing! She said that happens, told me to reschedule it didn't dock me for anything - excellent correspondence and communication!

Also - I submitted all of my reports on a website. I only sent my business card jpgs through email to my scheduler. She also told me how to fill out the invoice, AND because I had to go back - she said I would get mileage! I told her she didn't have to do it, but they still did anyway.

I would LOVE, love, love to have more jobs with them - so if you do get asked, jump on it! Take all that they give you!

You'll wish - and maybe compare - all other MSC's with them!

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Proud To Be A Soldier's Mom
How do you apply to shop with them? I went to the link in the Official List of MSCs. I went to them but didn't see how to sign up. Would I just send a "contact us" with my info?

I am always looking for reputable companies...this sounds like one. I love bank shops, right up my alley!

Thanks shoppers.
That is what I did, sent a message through the contact page, and my scheduler called me the next day. Good luck!
I want to add my praise for Harland Clarke. The reports require a fair amount of narrative and detail, but they are straightforward. Pay is always prompt and reasonable.

I want to take this time and opportunity to thank all of you for all of the AWESOME & POSITIVE feedback on this company. WOW!!! Based on what you all have shared, I wish that ALL mscs were like this . . . especially the part of where you get paid in about 2 weeks!

I send you a special thanks Flash for the link that provides a sample of one of their reports. Upon reading that report, it seems like a blend of 2 reports from 2 mscs that I have done many bank shops for before. So that reports looks like something I can easily tackle . . . especially if they pay is $45 for one of these reports. COOL!!!

Thanks a MILLION Everyone for your feedback and help, it is greatly appreciated : - )

Not a fan of their reporting or invoicing system. It's archaic. Their accountability, if needed, takes time to muddle through. Shop requirements are par. Pay is good, though I've had timeliness issues with them.

I don't jump at the chance, but if I'm having a slow month . . .
No. Banking is their business.

Mert is right, the invoicing is archaic. Invoices are handled by your scheduler and if they are on the ball, payment is very prompt. With some schedulers it would appear that invoices get put aside for more urgent things and can get lost. My most recent shop was 5/4 and the check was in my hands 5/24. The report was done on line, though proofs from the visit were scanned and emailed to the scheduler along with the invoice.
I just did 2 for them today and have their report on a separate screen as I type this. Can't say enough good things about this company!
Thanks, Everyone. I appreciate the additional feedback and comments. For sure, it sounds like one great company to work for if you get opportunities to work for them when they have shops in your area. :-)

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