E mailed Scheduler for help - program wont take jpg photo

So I explained and emailed her four photos as attachments, to go with the survey I completed but cant send cause it wont go without the photos. Apollo system I think,

I know she can see my survey.

She never acknowledged or emailed me back.

Now I go and look and my page says "Incomplete" and this is from last Saturday.

Do I call up the company and send them a copy of the email I sent her with the photos attached and tell them she never acknowledged or e mailed me back ?

What do I do ?

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Hi Shoppins'

I would. Well, I'd do 2 things:

1. IF it is an "urgent" request, I do this in 3 days from the original email. If not "urgent" - then I will wait a full 5 days and send on the 6th. Go to my "Sent Mail" and Forward the 1st email I sent to the Scheduler. In the subject line of that forward, I'd put:

Subject Line: *SECOND REQUEST 00/00/12* Same-Subject-Line-Of-First-Email

IF your email is capable of sending a "Read/Delivery" receipt - I'd also do this and mark my email as "High Priority"

2. Make a phone call and then send an email as a follow up. "As per our conversation on 00/00/12"

I'm all for the "2ND REQUEST" - CYA - in Big CAP LETTERS!

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Proud To Be A Soldier's Mom
good advice RainyDay -

and I impulsively followed part of it.

I have every email I ever sent saved -

and when you forward the email it still will give the original date and time sent.

On impulse I decided to call the company (love that Skype) and it was after 5.The

The call got transferred to the only person still at work. The head of HR.

I explained my problem, that I had emailed the scheduler, asking for help from her to get the photos up, no reply from her, and now there was an incomplete on my page, where my listing had been 9 and 10.

She was surprised cause she said oh, she's very nice, a very sweet person Anyway, she asked me to send her the email, which I did, and she's going to talk with her tomorrow....and said it shouldn'tbe a problem to change the photos - said maybe somebody else put incomplete on it .

Never called a company before...

By the time I finished trying to put the photos on the report (for 6 hours after
the body of the report was done) the pay rate essentially less than $2 an hour of effort.

There has to be a better way to get those photos into pdf when it wont take jpg!

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