CRI down?

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So are we still going to get paid for shops that were suposed to be reported today? because I was never made aware of them shutting down.
Yes, I recall seeing a message when I logged in last week about it. They will always still pay, they just ask that you get your report submitted in a timely manner once the site is back up.
I still can't get in. I would have thought the maintenance would be finished by now. Maybe they are having problems.
The notice on the board said through 11:00 pm on Saturday the 19th but I haven't been able to get on yet either. I went through 3 different browsers so I came here to see if anyone else is having problems.

@Steph the only notice given was on their home page. The posting went up the beginning of last week. I don't recall getting any other type of notice.

Even the home page is coming up very strangely.
Glad to know it isn't just me - same problem. I'm new with them, so I was getting worried....
you think they would of tested their changes on a test server first to make sure it would go smooth before putting it on the main one. They probably only offered the job to someone who would do it for 4 dollars and they got what they paid for!

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I actually was able to get on Sunday afternoon as usual. I went through the job board and read details, ect. I went through one auditor training and completed the test. It was when I went to open the video of another auditor training that the site quit working for me.
They have a notice posted now. They are having problems with their website. Noone will be penalized if they have reports due. I got on long enough to submit my receipt yesterday and that's all I was able to do. So glad they put that notice up. I was getting worried.
very very frustrated with CORI right now. i couldn't log on to the site yesterday or this morning to get my paperwork for my shops today. two of the gas station shops had a particular item to purchase inside the store. i hadn't done shops for this client in a while and the last time i did the shops you needed to buy a hot beverage. so that's what i did, hoping it was still the same. and now, FINALLY their site is back up and the sale item has changed and is NOT a hot beverage. i called and checked and was told that they are sure the client will reject the receipt as the wrong item was purchased. was a total waste of time and money.
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