CRI Receipt not loading

I did a shop today and now I can't get the receipt to load. I always resize them. I just did one a couple days ago and it went through fine. It must be something with their system. Very frustrating when they want their reports in a certain time. It won't let you go any farther until the thing is loaded. I just want to get my report done, now! I wish their system would let you do the report but not be able to submit until the receipt was loaded unstead of it having to be first. Ok, I'm done fussing! LOL I will keep trying to get it loaded.

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If you can't get it to load, don't keep spinning your wheels. Nothing will happen if you let it go until the morning. Then if it still won't work someone will be available at the office.

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OK, Thanks Lisa. When I hit the submit button the whole line just disappears.The first two times the box popped up and it said 100% but showed 00 mb of 00 mb. It just sat there. Now that box won't even pop up.
try a different browser. Works fine on my end.

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