Wendy's E mail

Has anyone received the email prizes for shops that are to be done on Monday nad Tuesday yet?

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Yup. You have to keep pestering them.They "Claim" to be having trouble with their email. If you do not get them, they will reschedule the events...

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
mrcomputer101 Wrote:
> Yup. You have to keep pestering them.They "Claim"
> to be having trouble with their email.

And that would be true.

However, out of 2000 shops scheduled the first week, only a handful had issues receiving prizes. In those cases we worked with the shoppers on the due dates.

Summit Scheduling and Editing
I would have accepted these if I didn't have to reveal for a failed shop. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news. Plus someone argued me done once saying she did offer me something she didn't.
My DVR has exactly what was said on a shop. I always keep the fails until the shop is paid. Then, I couldn't care less.
Well, this is going into the second week for three shops where I don't have the materials. I signed up for a fourth and they came the next day. Very mysterious. They should call it mystery scheduling!
I can't keep rearranging my life around these three shops that keep getting put off, day by day, because I don't have the materials needed to do them.
I guess I remember now why I didn't sign up for this MSP's shops for three years. Why did I come back? Looks like they still don't have the act together.
Of course, it's only three shops out of a whole lot more ... I just wonder how many get handled smoothly. It just doesn't seem reasonable when so many other MSP's are doing thousands of shops with no problems.
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