Just a word to the wise. SEC must have had some upheaval in their company. They suddenly have stopped paying AFTER the independent contractors have completed the shops. This has happened to several shoppers in my area of the company. We meet occasionally and all are reporting the same problem.

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Agh! I just did my first shop for them yesterday.

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I have been working with them for a very long time. I enjoy working with them. I have had no problem with ever getting paid. I do feel sometimes it is difficult to get all the business cards they want, if one is not offered by enroller, they will not pay you. I had a friend that reported the wrong name on a report and they just dropped her account, even then she did get paid.

Does anyone know of any other companies that do insurance shopping such as this one, or apartment shopping other than EPMS ?
I did 1 shop for them in July (7/30) and according to their site, I was cut a check on 8/20. I had 4 shops for them early this month but I don't expect payment for those until the next round. Shops prior to July went without a hitch. No problems far, that is.
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