Sphero Cancelled

Anyone else so disappointed? It was probably going to be my most lucrative reimbursement to date.

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Who the heck is Sphero, when he/she/it is at home?

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Sphero is a robotic game ball from Orbotix. It retails for about $130 plus tax.

I have a Sphero assignment and it is still on my assignment list.
Oh great. Mine has just been canceled, too,... because my shop location won't have the Sphero in stock on my shop date.

The part that stinks is it appears that the MSC just cancels these shops without giving the shoppers who had the shops the right of first refusal for the new shops (with new dates). Instead, the MSC cancels a shop, sends the shopper an email, and tells the shopper that he/she can reassign the shop through WebFC. Well, guess what? The new assignment is not listed. Another shopper probably snapped it up. Can't blame them.

Please excuse me for five minutes while I sulk and feel sorry for myself.

::banging head against desk::


I was wrong. The MSC's original email stated that a new assignment with new dates would be posted and I would be able to self-assign. I wrote the MSC and got a response that stated that a new assignment had not been created and no other shopper got "my" shop. That makes me feel much better.

When a new shop is eventually posted, I will compete with other shoppers to see who can self-assign first. I am satisfied with that, since the MSC now has no way of knowing when the Sphero will be in stock, and this MSC assigns almost all of its shops on a self-assigned basis. IMO, it would be too much to expect the MSC to remember which shoppers had these assignments originally and set aside the new shops for those shoppers.

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Was thinking about this shop this morning. Did anyone ever see this assignment come back? Like others, mine was canceled, but I never saw it offered again.
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