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Are there any where I can mail a package that I need to mail anyway (e.g., to a friend) and get part (or all) of it paid for? Does the MSP named M----- send me a package that I have to mail?

MSPA Gold Certified. Areas: Louisville KY, Lexington KY, and central KY.

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That msp does send you a specific package. Sorry, I don't know of any that let you mail your own stuff.

Independent Scheduler
There have been ones in the past with a different shipper and different MSP that allowed sending a 3-5# pkg to a residential address anywhere in the continental USA but those shops seem to no be being done this year.
I was called today and things have really changed I'm thinking.

I'm not sure exactly who this is. :-) I'm getting everything in the mail including the web site and contact information.

I'll get an email tomorrow.

I know I asked for these but now I'm not sure who I asked. Nice fellar on the phone though. LOL!! And he did fill me in on all the in's and out's.

Pardon me while I have a "senior moment" ::-))))
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