Have they closed their doors? Locked up shop and stiffed us Shoppers with unpaid jobs? I went to sign into their website to check on jobs and when to expect my money and I can't find a place to sign in--keeps saying oops the page you requested no longer exists--even off their home page. Have they really gone and left us high and dry? If anyone knows, please let me know. If they have changed their sign on page, let me know that too. Many thanks!

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I think they have just screwed up their website. I get the "Oops" message as well at [] but was able to sign in anyway. There are 321 jobs listed in the US this morning, though none in my shopping area. Their jobs are usually scheduled by Kern in my area. My last job for them was done 7/20 and paid 8/25 according to the shop log and my records show receipt of payment 8/27.
Thanks for the update. I will continue trying. It won't allow me to sign on at all. I called them and they gave me the sassie way of signing on and that comes up oops too. Thanks again.
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