summit scheduling shipping shop?

Hi everyone -

I received info on this shop yeseterday. It just reeks of scam. Have any of you done one of these and found it to be legit?


Laurie t.

Greetings Shoppers!

Bare International has some great shipping shops in your area, all packages will be sent to pre-determined food bank. All items shipped must be non-perishable food items. By completing this shop, you will help fight hunger.

During your visit, you will need to mail a package, determine whether or not staff is adhering to all specified standards and procedures, and evaluate the level of service and professionalism provided. In order to perform this evaluation, you will need to purchase a dimensional weight parcel to ship your non-perishable food items in.


*Postage: Up to $32.80
*Delivery Confirmation (if offered): Up to $ 0.80
*Insurance (if offered): $ 1.85
*Dimensional Box: Up to $ 5.00

Shopper Registration with Bare International: []
Referral CODE: 2350

We look forward to working with you!

Jessica Hunter
Summit Scheduling & Editing
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Summit is legit, Bare is legit, the shop is legit. What in particular looked out of the norm? I have never completed a shipping shop and thought the fee was normally lower, but it could be a bonus location and $25 isn't exorbitant.

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I agree with Lisa. Bare is probably using Summit to try and fill some difficult locations. The wording is exactly how Summit would word a job offer and is exactlyhow Bare words their offers.

Scam consists of when someone is sending you a check, asks you to cash it, keep 200.00 and Western Union them the rest.
This job by Bare through Summit Scheduling is legit, I work for Summit, they schedule many jobs for various companies.

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This looks like exactly like the requirements of a job I have seen posted a number of times. I think that shipping reimbursement lights sound Highledge is probably what is triggering the scam thoughts. However, it is just because the type of shipping that needs to be done. You're fighting hunger because you end up shipping to a food pantry.
I agree with LisaSTL and Traveliz. It looks as if BARE is using Summit Scheduling to help them fill jobs that are difficult to schedule by tapping into their shopper resource. I've done that particular shop a number of times for BARE. The pay usually gets that high when the location has been on their job board a while.

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Both companies are legit but if you have doubts, why not contact Judith Gill, the owner of Summit, and find out for sure?
Or go to the bare website to see if the job is there. It seems legit and the fee goes even higher in some remote locations.

BTW, as soon as I posted here, I got a bare email for $30 for the shop, plus additional bonus if more than one is selected.

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I do these shops regularly. The information match what is always on the guidelines. The most important is to remember is the weight. You have to be on weight, if not the shop will not be accepted. Each scenario has a different weight and guidelines so if you plan on doing others you will have to get familiar with the scenarios requirements they are all different.
I have done these shops, as well. I believe that the fee is high because you will not get reimbursed for the food items that you put in the box. You do get reimbursed for the box and the shipping (which costs a lot because of the size and weight of the box). I put a can of spaghetti sauce and a 1lb. box of spaghetti in the box to reach the weight minimum, which is inexpensive and hopefully useful the the person who receives it.
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