Mintel's grocery survey

Anyone doing this? They give you a list of foods and you are to write down the nutrition information and a few other things for each item. The scheduler sent a mass email to explain things but I still am unclear so I just sent off an email to him. I'm sending an sos here in case someone cares to compare notes about what you understand about the shop. Thanks!

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Does that store even still exist in your area? Ours all closed a few weeks ago. Before you get too involved you may want to call the store to verify they still exist. About 1/3 of the shops I have gotten from this company this year are locations that are closed. I'm getting pretty tired of not getting paid for shops I accepted that aren't there.

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Yup, there's a couple nearby. Pretty sad how all these stores are going the way of the dinosaurs, isn't it? I received more clarification this morning; it seems really detailed and time consuming but I deal with this kind of thing in my other life so I find the overlap a bit interesting. They provide 2 weeks or so to complete the whole package so I hope I won't keep putting things off till the last minute like I usually do when given such a big time allowance.
Maddie, you are mentioning the client name w/the MSP company. This is in violation of ICA. Please delete the client can simply change it to grocery store.

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