Inundated with Bare motorcycle shop emails. Anyone else?.....

Ok, I love Bare and I've done many shops for them, but in the past 2 days I think I've gotten about 15 emails (maybe more, I've lost count) for the motorcycle dealer shop. Enough, already!!!!

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Everyone is dying for motorcycle shops this year, it seems.

I don't have an endorsement, but have picked up $125 by referring five of my biker pals who do to Monterey, who is paying bounties.
I don't know anyone I could recommend for these shops. I just wish they wouldn't fill up my inbox with so many emails about one shop!
You should expand your friends to include Harley-Davidson owners and their significant others.

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I get them too but Bare also seems to think that I shop for motorcycles inside a 500 mile radius.
The only wanted me to go 27 miles---but they set it according to a radius that didn't take into consideration that there's one of the great lakes between me and the location. There's isn't a bridge across the middle of Lake Erie yet.

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