Receipt time wrong/ CoRI/ Please help!

I did a tasty treat shop yesterday and the dang receipt time is wrong. CoRI has kicked it back to me saying it is invalid. Of course, the "weekend live chat" is not available. I have had this situation with other MS companies and it was resolved without issue.

How does CoRI handle these issues? Does anyone work at CoRI? LOL!

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I frequently have receipt times that are an hour or more out but I haven't had any problem with CORI accepting them. It's not your fault if the people don't set their clock correctly.
Just respond back saying the receipt time is incorrect. If it is one of those no reply emails, just write some text in paint saying that, save it, and upload it as a receipt image.

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One of my very first shops the receipt time was wrong. I mentioned that it was off, and said that my times were confirmed against my cell phone time, which is set by Verizon's towers automatically. Never heard a word about it. But I was not working for CoRI, I was just afraid they might disqualify the shop over the discrepancy so I mentioned it in the report.

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It is good practice to always check your receipts before uploading and mention if the time is way off in the report. I haven't ever had a shop rejected by Cori but they tend to confirm more often than others.

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Whenever you have a receipt where the time is off, you should always note it in the report. That way the MSC doesn't have to come to you about it. They'll know the time was off in the register and it wasn't your error.
I would just note the time and tell them it was off. You had to take a pic of your treat right? Do you have time/day stamp ability. You can always upload that pic with the time/day stamp as another proof they were off. But don't sweat it, just tell them it was off, you verified with your phone or gps or whatever. No biggie. But next time, note the error in a report if you can catch it.
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