New convenience store shops for Corp Research...?

Anyone get to see what the job entails? All the ones in my area are taken, which is unusual...but the shop pay is quite high too. There's no info when you click to look at the shop....just location and pay. I want to know what this is for!


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They were all taken in my area too. They posted today and are all taken within a 100 mile radius. Hmmm.....
Can't believe I didn't notice that when I did my daily CoRI commission check. This confirms my suspicion about this particular chain. CoRI is also the auditor for this chain's parent company, and offers those shops to one shopper within a certain geographic area. I had a suspicion they did the same thing for this chain as well.

Now, how to get my grubby little mitts on them..... grinning smiley
They were posted with the b in front of the job. I wonder why they bothered posting them if they were already scheduled. I would like to know what the job requires.
I have tested for these and they are similar to all other station audits. I wish, really, really wish I could get on a route! I will keep asking! LOL!
I was literally on their site when they posted. They posted as a B. I want my piece of the pie too, dang it!
I wonder if they auto-assign, and assign the backup shoppers if the auto-assign gets declined?

I pray it does not occur that the last thing I did before I died was vacuum the house or eat broccoli.
And they're gone this morning. Assuming the routes were already full and all that we saw was a quick glance behind the curtain.
Did any of you get the emails asking if you were available for a ride-along type audit job for CoRI? I'm wondering if this is the project that they were asking about.
CRI has a list of their "preferred auditors" and the schedulers release the shops hidden, then assign them.

No comment how I know this infosmiling smiley

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Bat your eyelashes (via email) REALLY well.

No really, I was asked by a scheduler after completing like 40,000 phone shops.

Kyle Bonnyman
Independent Scheduler-Editor-Recruiter-Project Manager | (647) 932-7468 |
Facebook: Scheduler Kyle Bonnyman
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