Equal to a Pound of Spaghetti! Mailing Shops...

As those of us who've done mailing shops for a certain MSC know, one of their suggestions is a box of spaghetti, the weight of which goes well towards the 1 lb. 2 oz. requirement. With an upcoming shop, how convenient that I walked through the pet aisle in my grocery store today and spotted boxes of dry cat food, ranging in weight from 16 to 18 ounces!

So, one of the fantastic animal rescues in my area will be getting a nice little gift next week. This particular one is very involved in building shelter for feral and abandoned cats, as well as providing food. Just wanted to post this idea for those of you who like doing these shops and don't know what to mail or to whom. So many shelters and rescues in need, all over the country.

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A nominal cost, but still, since the food is a donation, I suppose the cost could be written off as a deduction.
I do this all the time, for a friend I met online who rescues elderly Shelties. I follow her & all the Shelties on facebook regularly. These are doggies who wouldn't get a chance, otherwise, as they're all old (obviously) and many of the have health issues. Manageable ones, but ones that would make them *highly* unlikely to be adopted otherwise. These sweet little dogs get to live another year, or sometimes two or three, sometimes even more that they otherwise wouldn't have. And very happy & comfortable extra years, at that!

I figured the food sent would be a charitable deduction as well. My friend does have that 501c status, or whatever it's called ~ I probably typed a kind of Levi's. Official charitable organization status. Heh. : )

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
Thanks for the idea, I do these shops quite a bit and I know that would be helpful. I volunteer at a food bank occassionally and people are always asking for pet food!
I just have to add... happycows, I *LOVE* your user-name! : )

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
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