First MS check in the mail

I just starting doing MS in Jan. I was a little skeptical...will I get paid. How does payment with paypal work? Will the MS companies take my reports. Well I actually received my first check in the mail today. I am doing a happy dance. I am getting reimbursed to do something that I love to do - eat out at nice restaurants. Do you remember your first check?

Vicky C

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Congratulations Vicky!!!! I remember my first payment (through paypal). It was only $20 but boy was I thrilled! Believe it or not, 7 years later and I still get excited every time $$ is deposited to my paypal or a check comes in the mail.
My first check was direct deposit from Trendsource and I could NOT believe they paid me within one week! All the horror stories of waiting months..(yes, true for some companies)

My first check was $11.25 smiling smiley
Yep, I still remember my first check from mystery shopping. It was only for $25, but it seemed too good to be real at the time. Ever since then, I've enjoyed checking the mail each day. smiling smiley

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I got paid by four companies the same day, one by check ($10) one by direct deposit and one by Paypal.

The very first shop I did was on August 24 and it wasn't paid until November 1. The one that paid me by check paid within 3 weeks of the shop.

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Vicky, congratulations on getting your first check. The more you shop the more you get.

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I remeber my first check...a whole $10. Got one today from A Closer Look: $181.43.

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Speaking of ACL, I received my check yesterday and just noted that $1.27 was added to each of my shops? Does anyone know what that is about?

James Bond 007.5 Wrote:
> I remeber my first check...a whole $10. Got one
> today from A Closer Look: $181.43.
There's been a couple of times when a couple of different MSC's have added some random small amount to my pay, without explanation. Often not even an even dollar amount. Weird.

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My first check..Bestmark $14. My first shop to go with that check, new car shop, my first lesson learned...$14 is not enough to tell all of those lies. smiling smiley
My very first check came from Secret Shop Net (remember them?) for $15. I remember thinking, "Oh, so mystery shopping isn't a scam after all!" LOL
I was so thrilled when I got my first check. Could not believe I was getting paid to eat hamburgers. For me mystery shopping has gotten better each month with the checks getting bigger. What I have learned is that it is not easy, we are more than mouth breathers (from previous thread), you need money, a car and a computer just to get started. It is now month 6 for me and getting much easier. I am finding that I do not have to write a novel, print out everything and can be flexible in the shops that I take. Welcome - the info I get from this forum is priceless.
My first check was for $ was a website visit/email question/onsite visit to JobLink. Perfect since I had just moved and the info on local companies came in handy. Getting paid to do it was gravy. Oh, and it was only 2 miles from my house. smiling smiley
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My first mystery shop money was a check sent to me in the amount of $30 for evaluating a fairly well know hair loss solutions clinic. I didn't get the money for almost three months but this particular MSC does state that payment can take from 45 to 60 business days. I sure felt good when the check arrived as for a first shop, this one was a little complex in the sense of the amount of lies involved. I pulled it off well enough though and did get the promised money. And to some degree I was hooked I guess you could say.
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