Shipping scenarios

I am very confused on the shipping scenarios. The top of the directions tell me scenario d, then towards the end it says do scenario A. Both are a regular box scenario. Scenario D says "Random" before regular box. What does that mean?


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The first page of the guidelines tell you that Scenario A (Regular Box Shop) and Scenario D (Random Regular Box) are the same.
Thanks AK. I did see that, thats why I was so confused on why there are two scenarios when they appeared the same.
Box - 18 oz to 2 lb. Seems simple enough.

Thanks again
Both use a regular box that you purchase before you go to the Post Office if you don't have any around the house to use. Walmart sells thm remember to keep your receipt. There are two places to upload receipts to your report. One for the box and the other for postage.
If you use a cake mix that weighs over 18 oz. you dont need to buy a box. I hav sometimes put the cake mix in a free small PO box to give it a bit of support and weight since some of the cake mixes are now under 18 oz. I just wrap them at home in brown wrapping paper before I get to the PO,. Someone here suggested using packing tape all over the box and then peeling off the stickers that the PO uses and just reusing the box and wrapping.
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