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Good morning! I need to contact CORI about a problem with a report I did yesterday and I cannot, for the life of me, find a contact phone number or email address. I used the CONTACT on my home page, but it seems to deal with computer/uploading problems, which I didn't have. I need to change something I wrote on the report and need to tell them a.s.a.p.

This morning I received an email rating my two reports I did yesterday. But, one of them is incorrect. Can someone tell me how to contact someone about this?

Be gentle with me now. I am only 2 months new to this.

Thanks! smiling smiley

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You can always click on Live Chat and IM a scheduler about an issue you are having for a project. That seems sometimes to be the simplest.
Is live chat where you actually SPEAK with someone? or is it text. Just asking because I don't have the capability to speak with a person, but I sure can type fast. smiling smiley


*I emailed them again and hopefully K.Wise will respond.

smiling smiley
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