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I have been mystery shopping with several companies since January. One of the companies, Check Mark, closed their account after they sent me my check. I tried to call them, but get only a recording that all voice mail boxes are full. I have emailed them at two different addresses I got from their web site. One never responded. The other was returned with an error message stating that the email address did not exist. When I looked at the message board of thier web site, I found numerous complaints from other shoppers about this same issue, but no response from Check Mark. I write this just to alert potential shoppers so that they are not ripped off like so many others have been.

Another company, Gapbusters, emailed me about an accounting error that I would never have known about otherwise. They said that on the most recent payment which was a direct deposit, they had neglected to include a reimbursement fee but that they were in the process of correcting the error. The next day I got an email stating that they had corrected the error and added something to it for the inconvenience. Now that's what I call integrety, something that Check Mark lacks.

Check Mark could have had the decency to inform us shoppers before we deposited our checks and incurred bank fees for the returns. Instead we have yet to hear from them as to their intentions to make good for the work we did for them or to reimburse us for the bank fees.

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Hi Debbie!
I had the opposite experience with Check Mark. The next day after receiving my returned check in the mail I phoned Check Mark. Clarissa told me that the company had been a victim of fraud and they were in the process of correcting the checks that had been sent out. She also told me they have been in business for 19 years and something like this has never happened until now. I hope this will put your mind at ease somewhat. I feel confident after speaking with Clarissa that this issue will be rectified. I hope everything works out for you. smiling smiley
Hi Debbi,
I am sorry to here about your negative experience with checkmark but it sort of answers a question I had about that company.
I performed a shop for them in june and have yet to here from them . NO CHECK-NO E-MAIL NO NOTHING- They seem to have just taken my report and blew me off.
Hi. Don't hold your breathe on receiving a check from checkmark. Yet they are still recruiting new shoppers and assigning them shops?????
I have not had an experience with Check Mark, but I have with GAPbuster and also JM Ridgeway. Gapbuster took 2 months to send out a check for the shop that I performed for them, and JM Ridgeway, would not have paid if I did not harp on them. They kept sending me off to this person and to that person. On the application, it states that they send the money via paypal and even asks for your email address. Finally, after 2 1/2 months, I harped on them enough to where they mailed me a check. Also, their schedulers are as mean as ever! Do not shop for them. They are horrible!
I, too, had a check returned to my bank from CheckMark. The bank also charged me a $5. fee. I sent two emails to CheckMark and did not hear from them. However, yesterday I got a new check from them for the shop in question. They did not pay the $5. fee, however.
I have worked for for several years and have always got my money on time. They are a wonder company.
Well if a shopping check returns you have three alternatives.
1. You can run the check back thru but I wouldn't suggest it. If you run the check thru a 2nd time you have no recorse. You can't do number 2 or 3 if it bounces again.

2. If your lucky and they a have bank branch or the bank on the check in your area. You can take it to their bank and cash it. If there is non suffencient funds to cash it. You can wait until they have funds available to cash. Sometimes you might get lucky. If that doesn't work. Then go to number three.

3. Take the check to the DA office and file charges.

4. Everytime you get a check call their bank to see if there is funds to cash it. It will save you a lot of headache. It helps if you have a unlimited long distance on your telephone. Verizon and AT&T offers it. I don't know about any other telephone companies.
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