A surprise in the mail

It is true - people are impressed by a handwritten note! I received a two paragraph thank you note today from a banker who answer the phone on the call portion of a Chase combo shop. This is great customer service considering we had not met in person. She will get a mention on my report! Has anyone else ever had this happen?

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No, but I agree that it is a nice touch and quite memorable.

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I use to write handwritten notes after I had applied for a job. I even got a second interview from that extra touch.
I just got a hand written note from a church that I wanted to put my kids in for vacation bible school. They wanted me to volunteer. I wanted to drop them off for a break. winking smiley Was nice though.
I used to send at least three dozen handwritten thank you notes to our account clients each month. It was surprising how much goodwill that fostered.

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We sometimes get them at work. It's a very nice touch when they are personal, but overkill when they are basically handwritten form letters that go to everyone who was in the meeting. It can get to the point that you wonder why they don't have better things to do with their time and why they need to try so hard (to get our money).

For some reason, the ones I remember are the ones who actually remember the assistants at holiday time. :-)

BTW - I remember the days when you always sent a followup letter after a job interview, although they were usually typed.
This was a very personal and individual reply. She thanked me for my inquiry, said she enjoyed our conversation and would like to meet me, and referred to something from our conversation that was non banking related. This young woman's mother would be proud! It came across as very sincere, and not robotic at all. It is the first time in all of my banking shops that I have received such a note, so I know they are not common. smiling smiley
I'm big on handwritten notes, job wise or personal. I think it shows care and is more personal than an email...good for them

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