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Just now for the second time I have gotten a message on the top of my page telling me I have a private message. Both times I assumed it was coming from Mystery Shop Forum and thought they just changed the way they alerted people to PM's. How annoying when I clicked on it and found it was an ad. It was not in a separate box or anything to clue me that this was not from the forum. Anyone else getting this ad? I find it really invasive.

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I got a message saying I had two message's...very annoying, and Sandy, who's watching us?

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Wow. I am set up to get an email when I have a PM. I guess before I click on any banner message I'll check to see if I got an email first.

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I haven't seen an ad in a long time

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I followed someone's advice (maybe techman's?) and went with AdBloc on Chrome.
It's wonderful!
It always creeped me out to see add banners of stuff, places, or flights I had just been surfing for.
I see it, but it doesn't look anything like the PM message banner from here.

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Too many fake links upthere. I only click if it from an e-mail I expected.

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I think it stems from cookies. If I look up there, Charter Communications is up there right now. That's my cable company. I did a recent search for them.

Now, if you are going on a adult site for (toys) I bet that will pop up in a little box too! smiling smiley
Have been seeing popup ads ALL DAY when I use my new (Windows 8) laptop. No problem when I use my old (Windows 7) laptop.

The problem is not Win8 vs. Win7. I haven't had time to install most of the safeguards I did on my old laptop yet.
The top ad on my screen right now is advertising the Best Drug and Rehab site.

But I've got my Google ad setting set to ignore my demographic and browsing history. I find it ludicrous to be shown a gazillion ads for something I browsed about, found, bought, received, and am therefor no longer in the market for.

I pray it does not occur that the last thing I did before I died was vacuum the house or eat broccoli.
Did anyone else get an unusual PM around 4 this morning???? At first I clicked on the notice and then thought I had actually clicked on an ad because I struggled figuring it out. In looking, I think it was a new member who just joined but looking for help passing a test? Just trying to figure out what was going on.
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